Top Reasons For Hair Loss In Women

Hair Loss In Women

An average person loses about 50 to 100 hairs a day, and usually, the new ones replace the fallen hair. It is common to see hair fall during a head bath while brushing, drying, etc. and that is normal. But when you feel that the hair loss is more than usual and has been happening for quite some time, it can be a sign of something more serious. There are many possible reasons for hair loss for a woman, and some of the conditions can lead to baldness. Here is a list of reasons and If you care you must read it.

Heredity: One of the most common reasons for your hair loss can be genetic and is known as alopecia. These genes are got from one of your parent’s family. The primary symptom of this condition is that you will notice a thinning hairline. The situation does not manifest itself quickly and slowly progresses as you age. It can start as early as your 20’s, and you are more prone to it if your mother has it too. The hair loss can spread to your entire head, and a scalp biopsy will help determine if the hair follicles have reduced in size which is a sign of heredity. You can reduce the hair loss by applying Rogaine to the scalp twice a day. Find more info here.

After pregnancy: Telogen Effluvium is a condition that happens after pregnancy, stress, surgery or weight loss. You will see that you shed a lot of hair when you shower, brush or style your hair. It is usually a side effect of medications like antidepressants or anti-inflammation. In this condition, the hair cycle moves quickly from growing to shedding phase. The symptoms are noticeable from a few weeks to 3 months after the surgery. There is no cure as such for Telogen Effluvium as you will have to wait for your hair loss to reduce. But practicing ways to reduce stress helps.

Iron deficiency: Anemia can happen to women when they have heavy periods. People who do not consume food that contains iron are also prone to it. The blood contains less RBC, and hence the oxygen to cells is reduced and thus feeling tired. An anemic person feels weak and fatigued all the time and also has skin that looks pale. Frequent headaches, lack of concentration, cold feet, falling hair and feeling breathless are some of the other symptoms. To reduce anemia, you should consume food like leafy vegetables, beans, fish, beef, along with foods which contain high Vitamin C which helps in absorbing iron.

PCOS: Many women suffer from polycystic ovarian syndrome and is because of hormonal imbalance. In this condition, the male hormones are produced at high levels. Women who have PCOS have more facial hair growth, ovarian cysts, irregular menses, and pimples. The body hair growth is more than before, but you will see a loss of hair on your scalp. PCOS can be treated by visiting a doctor who will prescribe birth control pills which has properties to control testosterone production. Weight loss is another way to get rid of this condition.

The History Of Safety Work Boots

work boot

The practice of wearing safety shoes become prominent from the early 20th century when safety gears became an important issue among the industry and factory workers. In earlier days, the business owners did not care about safety equipment as replacing the injured workers was cheaper. Today, safety boots have become mandatory as per the law. You may visit to find some of the exciting and popular models of work boots. Of lately we see a growing market for safety shoes and work boots. You can check it out, the statistics and data prove that people are more concerned about safety.

Now let us have a look at the earlier protective shoes. The first safety or protective footwear was the wooden boots, also called as sabots. Sabot was made and designed out of single piece of wood. Sabots were initially worn by Breton and French peasants to safeguard their feet from falling objects. It also protected the feet from sharp objects and prevented the injuries due to stamping of horse or cows hoofs. During the beginning stage of the industrial revolution, the workers threw the sabots on the machines to halt the production. This is how the word – sabotage came into existence.

Before the 20th century, there were no laws enforced to protect the welfare of the industrial workers. They were made to work for hours, and their safety was not a concern for the industry owners. Another one easily replaced the injured workers. At the beginning of the 20th century, workers compensation laws were enforced, forcing the industry owners to focus on the worker’s safety. In the year 1930, steel toe boots were first made.

In the year 1970, Occupational Safety and Health Act was enforced by the US Congress to ensure that workers operate in a safe workplace environment. According to this act, the workers have to wear necessary protective footwear. The safety footwear was made mandatory for the mining and construction sites.

The safety and protective footwear were evolving to meet the changing requirements and style. Today, you can find the safety boots in different colors, models and features. The earlier protective shoes were constructed with metal reinforcement. Modern footwear is made from composite materials, which is stronger and lightweight.

Protective shoes are designed to protect your ankles, toes and feet from the injuries due to sharp and falling objects, electric shock and many more. When you are buying safety shoes, make sure to check some relevant criteria. First, the inner part of the shoes must be flat from the big toe to the heel. The shoe should provide adequate grip on the variety of surfaces.

The protective shoes that you are buying should not be tight as it will increase the wear and tear. It is good to buy the shoes during the evening time because this is when the feet swell to the maximum size. You should give serious thought to buying shoes with shock absorbing sole as it will provide cushioning comfort and minimize the fatigue. If you want to save money on your shopping, you should try online rather than brick and mortar stores.

Tips While Shopping For Charter Bus Company

If you happen to be one of the organizers in chartering a bus company for transporting your colleagues either for a business trip or a holiday tour, you have an uphill task to do. However, if you shop with great care, you are sure to avoid any hassles which otherwise might pop up prior or during the travel. Chartering a luxury bus is considered to be a good move when you look for excellent service and safety and convenience. Reputed bus companies like Pegasus Coach Tours, offers you the right support during the entire trip and thereby assures you safe travel. If you keen on knowing more tips in this matter, you can browse the website and get yourself enlightened.

Assess the services that can be offered by the bus operator. Do not just rely on what is posted on the website and other promotional materials. Seeing is the right way of ‘believing’. It is a worthy attempt to visit the bus company. For example, to verify the safety of their fleet and the assigned charter bus, try to verify if they have their own maintenance program. If they regularly maintain their fleet, try to get a copy of the maintenance or service report.

Before you book your charter bus, you need to clarify lots of information and get the right answers from the company. Reputed bus companies will have no hesitation in answering all your important queries in order to get business. You need to check some of the documents like insurance certificates, operating license, driver’s background check and their current driving license papers and so on. Details of driver switching timings can be obtained so that your trip is safe when a comfortable driver drives the bus.

Once you have shortlisted few companies, check for the pricing. Do not settle with the firm that offers the lowest price. Remember the fact, the aspect of price is determined by the distance you travel as well as the comfort you expect from the bus during the entire trip. Check for handicap lift accessibility, if you have such challenged persons in your group. This is mandatory even you have few such individuals. A comfort to all is paramount you need to look at while checking such finer details. Check for every cost involved while making a final decision.

Verify the safety of the fleet of buses. A charter bus firm is generally known to be safer but make sure you still verify and research their background. Are there trips in the past that resulted in accidents? Can you find some negative reviews about the provider that indicates that they offer lousy services? The local Business Bureau and other community forums can be used to check on customer testimonials and suggestions. If there are some complaints, try to stay away from such companies.
Besides the above-referred tips, you can also check the reputation and experience of these bus charting firms which can be handy for you to take the right decision of hiring the right service provider you will be matching all your needs.

5 Traveler-Friendly Ideas For A Fun Trip To SF

fun trip

While San Francisco is synonymous with Golden Gate Bridge and other popular tourist attractions, you should check out some of their lesser-known secrets for a complete experience. If you are peering into the map, wondering what to do in San Francisco, you will be taken aback by the number of unique attractions and quaint cafes that serve the best food. Meanwhile, you can read more about the culture and lifestyle in San Francisco by visiting

Take a look at this travel itinerary that lists some of the unique things to do in SF.

First Stop- Mama’s
If you have just arrived at SF, you can spend the rest of the day checking-in to your hotel and catch a good nap. Wake up early the next day, and visit Mamas for breakfast. They are known to prepare the best breakfast as is evident from the swelling crowd on all the days. After a hearty start to your day, you can make the next stop at Fisherman’s Wharf.

Head To Pier 39
Hitch a ride to Fisherman’s Wharf to look at the giant sea lions lazing on the ground. Arrive here early, before dawn, so you get sufficient time to soak in the beauty.

Coit Tower
Located at Telegraph Hill Boulevard, this architectural structure resembles a fire nozzle at first glance. Apart from the scenic views, you must go through the murals that have been inspired by the Diego Rivera. The paintings inside have a history of their own. They were completed in 1933, and it leaves you feeling awestruck as you walk past them.

You can ride the elevator to reach the top, and this costs you additional money. There are different rates for children, adults, and senior citizens.

How to reach:
You can reach this monument by walking uphill on Lombard Street, or you can ride bus 39 from Washington Square Park.

Climb The Telegraph Hill
When you have reached the top of Coit Tower’s, another spectacular view awaits you when you descend the stairs. You get a chance to spot some of the cozy homes, cheerful flowers and if you are lucky, you might come across a wild parrot.

Reach the bottom of the hill and proceed towards the Bay, where you can ride a trolley at Embarcadero.

Next Stop At Embarcadero
For as low as $2 you can hitch a ride on the popular trolley cars here. 17 colorful trolleys ferry enthusiastic first-timers and repeaters. Relax as you ride past the Wharf, Embarcadero and then finally reach the Market Street.

Step off at the First Street to enjoy lunch at Sam’s Grill. Several trolleys make trips to and fro the First Street. Hop into anyone and take a ride to Castro Street Station that is located towards the end of the line. Enjoy a delicious cookie at Hot Cookie and catch up on some art movies at the Castro Theater.

If you have the energy to travel, stop at the Haight. Wind up your day at Amoeba Music, a famous bowling alley that houses some of the finest collection of music CDs.

Choosing The Best Shower Drain For Your Bathroom

Best Shower Drain

Choosing an appropriate shower drain for your bathroom is difficult. You need to choose a shower drain that suits your bathroom. You need to install suitable shower drain based on your requirement and need. There are several types of shower drains available in the market. You need to choose the one best suited for your bathroom. You can visit the link to know more about the various shower drains available. You can also visit the site which offers various plumping solutions for the shower drain.
The article below discusses some of the shower drain styles available in the market.

Linear Drains
This is one of the most popular showers drains preferred by most of the people. It has a narrow profile, and it is mostly used as primary drain shower. This makes the linear drain the most favorite option. You need to plan the build-out of the bathroom based on the linear drain you have chosen. You can install the linear drain after laying the tiles in the bathroom. Thus, tile top linear drain is more popular these days. For linear drains, you need to provide an opening of nearly 2.48 square inches. You may prefer to use a smaller opening for linear drain, but this may affect the flow rate. You need to maintain these types of drains regularly to avoid choking and lower flow rate. This ensures that your shower drain works properly.

Traditional Point Drains
This type of drain mostly suits for a traditional bathroom design. The drain of this kind is also called as a standard drain. You can make use of a large traditional shower drain so that the flow rate is maximum always. When using this type of conventional drains, you need to make a quarter inch pitch per foot so that you can drain the water below the waterproofing material. This removes the water between the tile and the grout. If you fail to offer the slope mentioned above, then your like to get a wet bathroom floor.

Tile Insert Drain
This type of drain is available in both the styles of shower drain discussed above. This type of drain type creates an illusion that the water drains into the floor. In this type of drain, you install a small piece of the drain which looks like a tile into the shower base. This drain is preferred as the drain is not visible to your eyes.

Readymade Shower Bases
This is the latest type of shower drain now available in the market. It is convenient and easy to use, and hence it is opted by majority of people. If you do not want to disturb your actual bathroom build up and the tiles, then you can very well buy a readymade shower base and fit into your bathroom for perfect drainage solutions. The readymade shower base is made up of fiberglass and sometimes with cultured marble. These shower bases are inexpensive, and they are easy to maintain. You need to check if the readymade shower base suits the style of your bathroom.

The above are the different styles of shower drain available in the market. You need to choose a particular style based on the style of your bathroom.