List of Places to Visit in Thailand

Visit in ThailandThailand is one of popular Asian countries known for tourism. If you are someone, who is unable to make a long Thailand tour, but only for a couple of days, you would be confused in selecting the destinations. In this article, we would provide the list of places that you can visit for a short trip in Thailand.

Bangkok is one of the major places in Thailand. A three day tour in Bangkok can be highly worthy. Grand palace in Bangkok is a place, where you can find ancient palaces and temples that are built by the ancient Kings of Thailand. Thai massage are very popular and you could find Thai massage centers and parlors, where you can get rejuvenate your body for few dollars. The prices are very cheap that you can get two hours of Thai massage for less than ten US dollars. Some of the attractions in Bangkok are rose garden, floating market and crocodile farm.

You should never miss to visit the popular eateries in your Thailand day tours. Thai foods are popular worldwide. You can taste the authentic Thai food in the most restaurants. Apart from Thai foods, you can find other type of cuisines to satisfy your taste buds.

Chiang Rai or Chiang Mai is one of the important provinces for tourist. You can enjoy mountain, waterfalls and elephant ride in this province. Chiang Mai airport is an international one, so you can visit this province directly. Beaches in Thailand are real paradise for the tourist. Phuket in Thailand is one of the best places for enjoy the rich beaches of Thailand. The beaches in Thailand offer varieties of water activities.

Thailand is the great tourist destination for anyone, who want to make a vacation, holiday or honey moon highly enjoyable and within the budget. You can find more about the tourist destinations in Thailand by looking into the various travel websites.