Play Football In A Bubble? Curious, Read On To Know More


There are a number of things that people do in order to enjoy themselves on vacations or holidays. For those of you who do not shy away from trying out new and exciting things to cheer you up, bubble football is the new thing that must be put on your ‘to do’ list. The concept has been catching up in many of the major cities across the world. People have taken to this new and modified version of football like ducks take to water. Once you play a game of bubble football it will be impossible for you to not play it again. It is not so much about the game. The fun lies in the silliness of bubble football.

It is like a game of football but the players have to play with an inflated bubble wrapped around them. The volume and are of the bubble is the reason because if which players find it very tough to touch the football without they collide with the bubble in which someone else is wrapped. The bubble is inflated and is made of a fairly tough material and hence you can rest assured that there will not be any injuries because of falling on the ground. All that will happen is that you will be colliding with your fellow players and one or both of you will fall and there is a very good chance that none of you will have actually touched the ball.

This is absolute fun and a great leveler. The fact is that in this game skills and agility are the things that don not really matter. In fact, it is very hard to find out a sure shot success mantra in this game. So, it will not be wrong to say that this can be a great source of fun for anyone and everyone on a nice afternoon or even under lights in late evening. The fact is that you will have to try and play this game once and only then you will be in the best possible position to judge the merits as well as the demerits of this game.

In today’s day and age the situation has been such that people as well as players have associated a lot of seriousness to most of the regular sports. There is too much emotion and too many things seem to be at stake when people play or watch most of the regular sports such as soccer, basketball etc. The one thing that all of us will find very hard to deny is that there are no sports at all which can be associated directly with fun and enjoyment.

In fact, none of the regular sports can be associated with fun in its purest form. The various things that are at stake have taken out the fun and frolic element. There is no doubt that they should be an integral part of any sport. If you play football in a bubble this is not how thing will be.

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