Choosing The Best Shower Drain For Your Bathroom

Best Shower Drain

Choosing an appropriate shower drain for your bathroom is difficult. You need to choose a shower drain that suits your bathroom. You need to install suitable shower drain based on your requirement and need. There are several types of shower drains available in the market. You need to choose the one best suited for your bathroom. You can visit the link to know more about the various shower drains available. You can also visit the site which offers various plumping solutions for the shower drain.
The article below discusses some of the shower drain styles available in the market.

Linear Drains
This is one of the most popular showers drains preferred by most of the people. It has a narrow profile, and it is mostly used as primary drain shower. This makes the linear drain the most favorite option. You need to plan the build-out of the bathroom based on the linear drain you have chosen. You can install the linear drain after laying the tiles in the bathroom. Thus, tile top linear drain is more popular these days. For linear drains, you need to provide an opening of nearly 2.48 square inches. You may prefer to use a smaller opening for linear drain, but this may affect the flow rate. You need to maintain these types of drains regularly to avoid choking and lower flow rate. This ensures that your shower drain works properly.

Traditional Point Drains
This type of drain mostly suits for a traditional bathroom design. The drain of this kind is also called as a standard drain. You can make use of a large traditional shower drain so that the flow rate is maximum always. When using this type of conventional drains, you need to make a quarter inch pitch per foot so that you can drain the water below the waterproofing material. This removes the water between the tile and the grout. If you fail to offer the slope mentioned above, then your like to get a wet bathroom floor.

Tile Insert Drain
This type of drain is available in both the styles of shower drain discussed above. This type of drain type creates an illusion that the water drains into the floor. In this type of drain, you install a small piece of the drain which looks like a tile into the shower base. This drain is preferred as the drain is not visible to your eyes.

Readymade Shower Bases
This is the latest type of shower drain now available in the market. It is convenient and easy to use, and hence it is opted by majority of people. If you do not want to disturb your actual bathroom build up and the tiles, then you can very well buy a readymade shower base and fit into your bathroom for perfect drainage solutions. The readymade shower base is made up of fiberglass and sometimes with cultured marble. These shower bases are inexpensive, and they are easy to maintain. You need to check if the readymade shower base suits the style of your bathroom.

The above are the different styles of shower drain available in the market. You need to choose a particular style based on the style of your bathroom.