The History Of Safety Work Boots

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The practice of wearing safety shoes become prominent from the early 20th century when safety gears became an important issue among the industry and factory workers. In earlier days, the business owners did not care about safety equipment as replacing the injured workers was cheaper. Today, safety boots have become mandatory as per the law. You may visit to find some of the exciting and popular models of work boots. Of lately we see a growing market for safety shoes and work boots. You can check it out, the statistics and data prove that people are more concerned about safety.

Now let us have a look at the earlier protective shoes. The first safety or protective footwear was the wooden boots, also called as sabots. Sabot was made and designed out of single piece of wood. Sabots were initially worn by Breton and French peasants to safeguard their feet from falling objects. It also protected the feet from sharp objects and prevented the injuries due to stamping of horse or cows hoofs. During the beginning stage of the industrial revolution, the workers threw the sabots on the machines to halt the production. This is how the word – sabotage came into existence.

Before the 20th century, there were no laws enforced to protect the welfare of the industrial workers. They were made to work for hours, and their safety was not a concern for the industry owners. Another one easily replaced the injured workers. At the beginning of the 20th century, workers compensation laws were enforced, forcing the industry owners to focus on the worker’s safety. In the year 1930, steel toe boots were first made.

In the year 1970, Occupational Safety and Health Act was enforced by the US Congress to ensure that workers operate in a safe workplace environment. According to this act, the workers have to wear necessary protective footwear. The safety footwear was made mandatory for the mining and construction sites.

The safety and protective footwear were evolving to meet the changing requirements and style. Today, you can find the safety boots in different colors, models and features. The earlier protective shoes were constructed with metal reinforcement. Modern footwear is made from composite materials, which is stronger and lightweight.

Protective shoes are designed to protect your ankles, toes and feet from the injuries due to sharp and falling objects, electric shock and many more. When you are buying safety shoes, make sure to check some relevant criteria. First, the inner part of the shoes must be flat from the big toe to the heel. The shoe should provide adequate grip on the variety of surfaces.

The protective shoes that you are buying should not be tight as it will increase the wear and tear. It is good to buy the shoes during the evening time because this is when the feet swell to the maximum size. You should give serious thought to buying shoes with shock absorbing sole as it will provide cushioning comfort and minimize the fatigue. If you want to save money on your shopping, you should try online rather than brick and mortar stores.